5 gal. HDPE Reinforced Jerrycan

20 lt. Super Tank 20 lt.


HDPE resin container.

Stackable with interloking supports.

This product can be pigmented in any color. (MOQ apply 4,000 pcs)

  • Height: 384 ± 5.0 mm.
  • Weight: 1000 ± 20 gr.

Cap options:

53mm Buttress cap, foam liner

53mm Buttress cap, induction liner for HDPE

53mm Buttress cap, foam liner and vented valve 

53 mm Dispenser Cap (Tap)

53mm Buttress cap, for Jerrycan

(Jerrycan and cap are sold together)

Line Colors

Natural Natural
White White

Ideal use

Alimentary Alimentary
Chemical Chemical
Pharma Pharma


Pallet: 100 cm. (L) x 50 cm. (W) x 31 cm. (H)

Weight: 10.5 kg.

Content: 10 pcs per bag


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