53mm Buttress Cap

Induction liner for HDPE


Manufactured with the HDPE injection process.

Only sold with the purchase of Jerrycans.

Weight: 18.5 ± 1.0 gr.

Bottles options:

1 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Galón 3.78 lt.)

1.32 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 5 lt.)

2.5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan( Bidón 10 lt.)

5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 20 lt.)

5 gal. HDPE Reinforced Jerrycan (Supertank 20 lt.)


Line Colors

Black Black
Blue Blue
Green Green
White White

Ideal use

Agrochemical Agrochemical
Alimentary Alimentary
Chemical Chemical
Cleaning products Cleaning products
Cosmetic Cosmetic
Liquid Liquid
Viscous Viscous
Veterinary Veterinary

Content: 650 pcs per box


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