53mm Buttress Cap

for Jerrycan


Manufactured with the HDPE injection process.

Only sold with the purchase of Jerrycans.

  • Weight: 18.0 ± 1.0 gr.

Bottle options:

1 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Galón 3.78 lt.)

1.32 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 5 lt.)

2.5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan( Bidón 10 lt.)

5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 20 lt.)

5 gal. HDPE Reinforced Jerrycan (Supertank 20 lt.)

Ideal use

Agrochemical Agrochemical
Alimentary Alimentary
Chemical Chemical
Cleaning products Cleaning products
Cosmetic Cosmetic
Liquid Liquid
Viscous Viscous


Size: 57 cm. (L) x 38 cm. (W) x 37 cm. (H)

Weight: 11.5 kg.


Content: 650 pcs per box


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